How to Speed-up your advertiser account approval?

11:06 PM Anonymous 3 Comments

Hey Guys,

It is Allen here, i want to explain how to speed up and simplify the process of getting an advertising account with us.

Our publishers have full trust in us running our ads on their sites, and that trust is a top priority for us.

We at Trafficbroker closely check the legitimacy of our advertisers:

In order to be accepted the following criteria's must be met:

- You will be asked to provide examples of the sites/landing pages you plan on promoting with us.
- You will be asked to provide a list of ad networks you work with and contact information of your affiliate manager.

We also might require some documents such as but not limited to:

- Government ID (Passport , Drivers License and so on..)
- Utility bill

We are very strict in regarding of the quality of the advertisers/campaigns we accept.  

Rules to be followed:

- No spreading of malware/adware or viruses.
- No tech support fake pages.
- No automatic downloads.
- No ransomware / FBI / Police scare pages.
- No hate content / copyrighted content / underage content / anything illegal.
- No changing pages after we approve them to something we did not allow in the first place.
  In conclusion anything that is shady is not welcome here.

We are always available on skype to help you speedup you registration.

So hit us up and lets make some money.

Have a great day everyone.


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