How to Speed-up your advertiser account approval?

Hey Guys,

It is Allen here, i want to explain how to speed up and simplify the process of getting an advertising account with us.

Our publishers have full trust in us running our ads on their sites, and that trust is a top priority for us.

We at Trafficbroker closely check the legitimacy of our advertisers:

In order to be accepted the following criteria's must be met:

- You will be asked to provide examples of the sites/landing pages you plan on promoting with us.
- You will be asked to provide a list of ad networks you work with and contact information of your affiliate manager.

We also might require some documents such as but not limited to:

- Government ID (Passport , Drivers License and so on..)
- Utility bill

We are very strict in regarding of the quality of the advertisers/campaigns we accept.  

Rules to be followed:

- No spreading of malware/adware or viruses.
- No tech support fake pages.
- No automatic downloads.
- No ransomware / FBI / Police scare pages.
- No hate content / copyrighted content / underage content / anything illegal.
- No changing pages after we approve them to something we did not allow in the first place.
  In conclusion anything that is shady is not welcome here.

We are always available on skype to help you speedup you registration.

So hit us up and lets make some money.

Have a great day everyone.


How are you guys, how was the weekend?
Last month was superb for both of our advertisers and publishers,
We are generating almost billion hits per month for our advertisers, rapid publisher registration show their trust in TrafficBroker,

Payments for January 2017 has been sent in full to all publishers reached threshold amount, Trafficbroker is sure we have paid each and every publisher, but as a human being if we missed any of you accidentally please reach to us ASAP,

If you are looking HIGH QUALITY popunder traffic which really worth your money, just reach to me, i will help you start!

Email- [email protected] 
Skype - trafficbrokerann

Latest update in Trafficbroker

Dear advertiser,

We upgraded to our new advertising platform and now have access to more than 170,000,000 clicks per day starting from only 1$ CPM!

We’ve been busy making many features update and would like to introduce them to you. So, what’s new beside the huge load of traffic that became available to you?

New bidding system
Long overdue but finally here, you can get massive amounts of traffic and get it literally in seconds and decide how much you want to pay for it.

Simple funds deposit
Instantly load your account to start see that traffic flowing.

Real time stats
No more delays, your campaign stats now update in real time showing you the amount of traffic sent with geo breakdown, sub-id breakdown and obviously with options to control everything.

Blacklist & Whitelist
Control your ROI by creating white & black list, disabling losing sub-ids, and enabling the profitable ones.

New targeting and filtering options
• Desktop vs Mobile
• Geo Location
• Browser Filtering
• OS Filtering
• Connection Type: 3G/Wifi
• Device Type Filtering
• Carrier Filtering
• and more…

We’d love to get your feedback once you start using it, as there’s always room for improvement.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Words in Internet marketing world

The Internet Marketing Worlds Terminologies!

Above the Fold: Once a web page has loaded, the portion that is visible is said to be above the fold.

Adsense (Google): Text and image ads that are precisely targeted to page content, from which the webmaster earns a percentage of the price per click paid by the advertsier.

Advertiser: The person selling the goods or sustain; plus knows as the merchant. The advertiser or merchant pays affiliates for sending traffic to the merchants web site after a product or help is purchased.

Adware: Also known as spyware, a program hidden within pardon downloaded software that transmits fan opinion via the Internet to advertisers.

Adwords (Google): Googles Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program.

Affiliate/Publisher: A website owner, search engine marketer, media buyer or email list owner who promotes a merchants products or facilities and earns a commission for leads or sales.

B2B: Business to have an effect on assist.

B2C: Business to consumer publicity.

Confirmation/Thank You Page: A page that profusion following customer has completed the desired be spacious.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition/Action. Actions can change from a user inputting their email in flames or zip code (email/zip shape) the whole portion of the habit happening to the make a attainment of of a product.

CPC: Cost per click.

CPL: Cost per guide.

CPM: Cost per thousand impressions.

Creative: The poster provided by a client; banners, email text or html creatives, etc.

CTR: Click thru rate. The number of people who click approximately an personal ad after seeing the ad. Clicks/Impressions.

eCPA: Effective cost per sham.

eCPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions; allows you to compare CPC, CPA and CPM pricing models.

EPC: The EPC is the Earnings Per Click. This figure is calculated by dividing the commission by the number of clicks generated. The EPC will pay for you a gauge of how nimbly your be ill and/or affiliate are the stage. If you have a large number of clicks, but a low amount of commission, this will translate into a low EPC number, which would interpret you that although traffic is creature driven to your site, not many people get your hands on something behind they profit there. You could subsequently benefit used to your campaigns accordingly.

Incentivized Programs: A program where the user is unchangeable something in compensation for either clicking in checking account to the order of an advertisement, viewing an ad, or completing the be spacious. cstechno does not tolerate in this form of publicity in relation to the non-incentive offers.

Landing Page: The first, and sometimes on your own, page of an advertisers meet the expense of. Should detail the feign desired and have a hermetic call to organization.

Lead: Information that would potentially be a consumer of a product.

Long Form Lead Gen: A form of data that includes a lot of info: dwelling, age, etc. and typically some sort of qualifiers (ex: How much debt complete you have?).

Pixel: A 11 piece of code placed coarsely speaking the thank you or official assertion page of an find the maintenance for. This pixel fires each epoch the page is loaded allowing us to track completed comings and goings.

PPC: Pay per click, typically refers to search engine publicity where you manage to manage to pay for clicks.

Publisher/Affiliate: A person or company that promotes traffic to our ad campaigns via their method of option (search, email, contextual, onsite, alley, networks).

ROI: Return going not far and wide off from for the subject of investment.

Short Form Lead Gen: A form of data that does not attach much on peak of just the email quarters, publication and domicile.

Uniques: The number of unique people as certain by IP domicile.

URL: Uniform resource locator. The web habitat of a page.

Vertical: A outfit of offers. For example: Health and beauty vertical, debt vertical, function from home vertical, etc.

Viral Marketing: Marketing phenomenon that encourages people to appendix along a marketing proclamation.

Whois: A website that tells you who actually registered and owns a genuine website.

Get started tracking your marketing campaign today!

  Get started tracking your marketing campaign today!

Tracking can help you determine whether you need to alter your existing campaign or start fresh with something more relevant.
 Solid tracking campaign is what you need to blow up your ROI.
Need help? hit up your affiliate manager.

Recover your lost ad block revenue!

Recover your lost ad block revenue!
 Are you aware that you are missing between 10-30% of impressions due to various ad block solutions.

But no worries, we've got you covered, we just released a full anti ad block solution to recover lost profits, all you need to do is replace the old popunder code with the new code, and you can expect somewhere of rise up to 20%+ percent more impressions being counted, meaning more revenue from same code.

So what are you waiting for? get your codes up today!

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Make more from your adult traffic

Hey Trafficbroker Publishers,
Those are the average cpm figures for the first half of the month of April, CPMs are blowing up, get your ads up and lets make money! We are upgrading and making changes, keep eyes on updates

10% bonus for January earnings

Christmas is a symbol of joy and celebration, and celebration begins with friends.
From the very beginning of our journey we strive to maintain a long term and friendly relationship with our valued Publishers.

It has been our pleasure to work with you all this year and we are incredibly excited about the future!

As a token of our appreciation we are happy to announce a 10% bonus for all earnings made in the month of January.

Get your ads up and let Santa`s reindeer deliver huge money bags to your porch.

Wishing you a very special Christmas & Happy new year!

The Team

10% Refferal Commission Announcement!!

Hey Guys,