Latest update in Trafficbroker

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Dear advertiser,

We upgraded to our new advertising platform and now have access to more than 170,000,000 clicks per day starting from only 1$ CPM!

We’ve been busy making many features update and would like to introduce them to you. So, what’s new beside the huge load of traffic that became available to you?

New bidding system
Long overdue but finally here, you can get massive amounts of traffic and get it literally in seconds and decide how much you want to pay for it.

Simple funds deposit
Instantly load your account to start see that traffic flowing.

Real time stats
No more delays, your campaign stats now update in real time showing you the amount of traffic sent with geo breakdown, sub-id breakdown and obviously with options to control everything.

Blacklist & Whitelist
Control your ROI by creating white & black list, disabling losing sub-ids, and enabling the profitable ones.

New targeting and filtering options
• Desktop vs Mobile
• Geo Location
• Browser Filtering
• OS Filtering
• Connection Type: 3G/Wifi
• Device Type Filtering
• Carrier Filtering
• and more…

We’d love to get your feedback once you start using it, as there’s always room for improvement.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.